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Installation and assembly of fire protection systems

For a building to function properly, it is essential that it is safe and provides adequate protection for people and property inside.

Fire protection systems serve this purpose.

Following the request for tender, we will visit the building with the designer, contractor and the relevant fire safety authority. We assess the necessary fire safety requirements and needs.

Our service includes the preparation of fire safety documentation based on the National Fire Safety Code, which includes the technical design in both text and drawing format.

As part of our consultancy services, we also carry out fire load calculations, fire compartment measurements, fire water demand calculations and building evacuation calculations.

We undertake the design, licensing, implementation and maintenance of fire alarm and extinguishing control systems.

We coordinate with the authorities and manage the licensing process.

All our work is guaranteed.

Our team is 100% compliant with the Chamber’s requirements to carry out its professional activities.

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